Car Battery Care and Maintenance

NAPA Batteries Legendary Starting Power

Car Battery Care: A Comprehensive Guide from Northside Auto Repair

Winter is here, and with it comes the chilly mornings and the dread of a dead car battery. It’s a common scenario that many of us have experienced: you’re ready to leave your house on a frosty morning, only to find that your car won’t start. That’s why at Northside Auto Repair, we believe in the importance of regular battery checks and timely replacements.

Don’t Let Winter Drain You: The Importance of Battery Checks and Replacements

The cold winter weather can be particularly harsh on your car’s battery. In fact, cold temperatures can slow down the chemical reactions inside the battery, making it harder for it to deliver the necessary power to start your car. This is why it’s crucial to ensure your battery is in good working condition as the winter season approaches.

Regular battery checks are not just a preventive measure to save you from the inconvenience of a dead battery on a cold winter morning, but also a critical part of car maintenance. These checks help identify signs of weakness or potential issues that could affect your battery’s performance.

Spotting the Signs of a Weakening Battery

If your battery is older or showing signs of weakness, it might be time to consider a replacement. But how do you know if your battery is on its last legs? Here are a few signs to look out for:

  1. Difficult Starts: If your car takes longer than usual to start, this may be a sign that your battery is losing its charge.
  2. Dimming Lights: If the lights in your car are dimmer than usual, it could indicate that your battery is not providing sufficient power.
  3. Warning Light: Most cars have a battery warning light on the dashboard. If this light is on, it’s a clear sign that something might be wrong with your battery.

Ensuring Reliable Starts All Winter Long

At Northside Auto Repair, we understand the importance of a reliable car, especially during the winter months. That’s why we recommend replacing your battery if it’s showing signs of weakness or if it’s older.

A new battery can ensure that your car starts reliably all winter long, giving you peace of mind and saving you from potential inconveniences. Don’t let the winter drain you or your car’s battery. Regular battery checks and timely replacements are key to avoiding the inconvenience of a dead battery on a cold winter morning. At Northside Auto Repair, we are here to help you with all your winter car maintenance needs.

Contact us today to schedule your car battery check or replacement.

Know your rotors, repair your brakes.

Rotors and Brake repairs

Do you think you are having brake problems? More specifically rotors? Proper maintenance and service of your brakes is a top safety priority. The surface of the rotor is just as important as its thickness. This is why most rotors are coated, such as an anti-rust coating. This coating helps to protect the rotor from corrosion, reduce noise and vibration and improve braking power. Rotors also have different types of ventilation, such as vented rotors and cross-drilled rotors. These allow the brake pads to cool more quickly and reduce heat stress on the rotor surface. The type of ventilation used depends on the driving conditions, so it’s important to get professional advice when choosing a rotor for your vehicle.

At Northside, we always make sure you use quality brake pads when replacing your rotors. Cheap, low-grade brake pads can wear down the rotor more quickly and increase the risk of damage. Quality brake pads are designed to work in harmony with rotors to provide maximum braking performance and safety. Remember that good brakes are essential for safe driving, so always get professional advice before making any changes to your braking system.  Your technician can inspect, diagnose and repair any brake problems you may have and suggest the best solution for your vehicle. This way, you can be sure that your brakes will keep you safe on the road.

Rotors Wear Out

Sometimes, Rotors may no longer be able to be machined and operate safely. When this happens it is time to replace the rotor completely. Schedule a brake inspection with Northside Auto Repair to have the rotors replaced using quality parts. This will ensure that your car is safe to drive and that the brakes perform as they should. Brake pads are also part of what we inspect in a brake inspection. We believe the use of quality pads can extend the life of your rotors. Brake pads play an essential role in the safe and effective operation of your brakes. Brake pads provide a cushion between the rotor and brake caliper, causing them to press together when you step on the brake pedal, creating friction that slows down your car.

We understand how important your safety is, so we always make sure to inspect your brakes and replace any worn or damaged components with quality parts. Brake maintenance is essential for keeping you safe on the roads, so don’t hesitate to contact Northside Auto Repair for your brake service needs. We’ll get you safely running and stopping in no time! Fixing Brakes can be complicated. Let us help keep you.

Springtime Brake Inspection

NAPA Brakes

Why You Need to Get Your Brakes Checked at Northside Auto Repair, a Neighborhood NAPA AutoCare Center

At Northside Auto Repair, we understand that vehicle safety is a top priority for you and your family. That’s why we highly recommend getting your brakes checked regularly. Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Importance of Regular Brake Inspections

Regular brake inspections are essential because they identify any issues before they become major problems. Our team of ASE certified mechanics at Northside Auto Repair will inspect all brake components, including brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, and calipers, using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Addressing these problems promptly can help you avoid costly repairs or complete brake failure. By having your brakes inspected regularly, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safely equipped to stop.

What Can Go Wrong with Brake Parts?

Brake systems are comprised of multiple parts that work in unison to bring your vehicle to a stop. Over time, these parts can become worn, damaged or corroded, leading to reduced braking performance and potential failure.

The most common issues with brake systems are worn brake pads and rotors. When brake pads wear down, the metal backing plate starts rubbing against the rotor, causing a metal-on-metal grinding sound and reduced stopping power. In extreme cases, brake pads can completely wear down, leaving the metal backing plate to grind against the rotor, causing severe damage and complete brake failure.

Similarly, rotors can become overheated, warped, or corroded, leading to a shuddering sensation or pulsating brake pedal when you apply the brakes. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to complete brake failure, putting you, passengers, and other drivers on the road in danger.

Get Up to $50 Back on New NAPA Brakes and Components

This month, customers who have new NAPA Brakes and components installed at Northside Auto Repair can get up to $50 back. NAPA Brakes are designed to provide superior stopping power, noise-free performance, and longer life, backed by the NAPA’s nationwide Peace-of-Mind Warranty.

Your safety is our top priority. Contact Northside Auto Repair, your neighborhood NAPA AutoCare Center, today to schedule a brake inspection. Contact us today to learn more about this offer.

Item Most Stolen from Vehicles?

Airbags are top stolen item

What item is most often stolen from vehicles?

Is it:
(A) Stereo
(B) Wheels
(C) Air Bag
(D) DVD System

Well, if you said stereo – you used to be right. But airbags have now surpassed stereos as the biggest target for theft – approximately 50,000 a year nationally in the United States. New airbags cost about $1,000 but go for $50 to $200 on the black market. Stolen airbags are making their way back into vehicles that have been in an accident in Albuquerque. Of course, the danger to the consumer of having a stolen airbag installed is that you can never be sure what may have previously affected them and if they will work right when you need them.

There are reports that 1 in 25 airbag replacements are stolen or salvaged airbags – or no airbag is installed at all.

[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]2022 Update! Your catalytic converter is a prime target for the same reasons as airbags. Ask your Service Advisor about theft protection options.[/box]

That is definitely a part you don’t want to take a chance with, so we recommend following the following guidelines:

  • Use a reputable collision repair center like Northside Auto Repair that employs ASE certified mechanics.
  • Inspect the invoice to ensure that the repair shop purchased the airbag from a NM manufacturer, dealer or recycler.
  • If you can inspect the airbag prior to installation, it should be packaged in a sealed container from the manufacturer or recycler.

You will see the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) light when you first start your vehicle up. This tells you that the airbag system is activated. If you do not see the SRS light, there is a problem with the airbag system.

About Water Pumps

water pump

The cooling system in an engine has five components: the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, the thermostat and the water pump. The water is literally the heart of the system. Just as your own heart keeps your blood circulating through your body, the water pump keeps coolant circulating through your engine.

The water pump is driven by a belt, chain or gear and only operates while the engine is running. It has a limited life span and sooner or later will have to be replaced. You can check your owner’s manual to find out how long your water pump should last. Some can fail at only 40,000 miles, or 65,000 kilometers, but almost all of them fail by 100,000 miles, or 160,000 kilometers.

Water pumps don’t gradually wear out; they fail. In other words, they’re either working or they’re not. A failed water pump has to be replaced.

Water pumps can fail in two ways; they can spring a leak or their bearings fail. Leaks can come from a cracked pump but usually develop at the gasket where the pump attaches to the engine.

If you hear a low-pitched grinding sound coming from the water pump, it’s time for a new one. If you see coolant leaking in the area near the pump, it needs to be replaced. Also, coolant on the driveway could indicate water pump failure. Many water pumps aren’t visible because they’re under a plastic cover, so you may have to take your vehicle to Northside Auto Repair to know if the water pump has failed.

If your water pump is run by the timing belt, then it should be replaced when you replace the belt. Most timing belts need to be replaced at around 60,000 to 90,000 miles, or 100,000 to 145,000 kilometers. The labor for replacing a timing belt is about 90% the same for replacing a water pump, so it’s cost-effective to take care of them both at the same time.

Also, if your water pump develops a leak (if it’s powered by the timing belt), you have to replace the timing belt as well since contamination by coolant fluid damages the belt. It just makes sense for residents to replace both of these parts whenever either one needs it.

Replacing a water pump at Northside Auto Repair is a car care issue that almost all of us residents face eventually. They don’t last forever. On the other hand, we can extend the life of most of the components of our vehicle through preventive maintenance. Just as exercise and diet keep our heart healthy, regular check-ups and fluid changes will keep our vehicles healthy. Talk to your friendly and knowledgeable Northside Auto Repair service advisor.