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Automotive Repair Shop

Northside Auto Repair can take care of all your vehicle service needs from basic maintenance to major repairs. We’re your automotive repair shop. We provide a best in the industry 24,000 mile/24 month national warranty to provide peace of mind on the road with over 13,000 Napa AutoCare Centers that honor our warranty.

You need to replace your Shocks and Struts around every 50,000 miles. Sooner if you do a lot of rough riding or difficult terrain. Shocks and Struts also contribute to your braking power, reducing your forward motion. If you have had a bouncy ride or if you got new brakes but still lack stopping power, you need shocks and/or struts. Luckily, you can get up to $160 back with qualifying equipment installed by your automotive repair shop, Northside Auto Repair.

Your Oil Change contributes $6 to the UNM Children's Hospital