Expert Suspension Services for a Smooth Ride

Welcome to Northside Auto Repair, your reliable NAPA AutoCare Center for all your suspension needs. Our team of ASE Certified Technicians specializes in suspension services, ensuring that your ride is always smooth and comfortable.

Comprehensive Suspension Services by ASE Certified Technicians

Understanding the complexity of the suspension system is key to maintaining its optimal performance. Our certified technicians are experienced in handling various components of the suspension system, including:

  • Springs: We ensure your vehicle’s springs are in top shape to absorb shocks and maintain ride comfort.
  • Shock Absorbers: Our team checks and replaces worn out shock absorbers to reduce the impact of road bumps and vibrations.
  • Struts: We service and replace struts as necessary to provide structural support to your vehicle’s suspension system.
  • Control Arms: Our experts handle maintenance and repair of control arms, which contribute to smooth steering and stable cornering.
  • Sway Bars: We ensure sway bars are functioning properly to reduce body roll while turning.

Shocks, Struts, and Vehicle Control

Shocks and struts play a critical role in your vehicle’s braking function and steering system. By absorbing road shock and helping maintain tire contact with the road, they provide stability and improve brake performance. They also tie into the steering system, influencing vehicle response and driver control. At Northside Auto Repair, we ensure these components are in optimal condition for your safety and comfort.

Ethical Standards in Suspension Services

As a NAPA AutoCare Center, we uphold the highest ethical standards in all our services. This means providing honest advice, transparent pricing, and quality parts in all our suspension services. We’re dedicated to ensuring you get the best value for your money.

NAPA Peace of Mind Warranty

For added peace of mind, all our suspension services come with the NAPA Peace of Mind 24,000 Mile / 24 Month Nationwide Warranty. This warranty covers parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services, giving you nationwide coverage at any NAPA AutoCare Center.

Trust Northside Auto Repair for all your suspension needs. Our ASE Certified Technicians, commitment to ethical standards, and comprehensive warranty make us the ideal choice for maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s suspension system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.